I’ll see you your counselor and raise you a burger….

Because I’m what my kids affectionately call a “helicopter mom”, I arranged for a Bereavement Counselor to come to the house today and talk to them about their feelings. Whatever. I thought it would be good for them to have someone who specializes in this and who would maybe have some tricks-of-the-trade or a quick-fix-it for them. Can you hear the backfire?

So I greeted the counselor at the front door and she appeared to be quite the professional with her hair perfectly done, and a beautiful dress that was certainly dry clean only. Precious. She quickly asked if we have dogs, oh yeah….two black labs that weight 50 and 75 lbs AND who have the grace of bulls in a china shop. Got it pictured? I told her they had already been banished to the backyard and then thought to warn her that we also have cats. Holy Moly! You should’ve seen this woman’s eyes! They about popped out her head but I give her props – she still came in the house, but only after I swore that they wouldn’t come anywhere near her. You do know this is going to end well?

The time she spent with all of us was about as good as it could’ve been I suppose….Haley wouldn’t speak to her and Jackson spilled his guts, which was the complete opposite of what I expected. Jackson told her all about what a fun “Nina” my mom is and everything they would do together and how the two of them would sneak things behind mine and my dad’s backs. Words fail me with expressing how rich it was to hear him speak of momma all the while laughing with his memories.

Jackson and his Nina panning for gold

Jackson and his Nina panning for gold

And then, I heard the back door creak open.

I couldn’t get the words “DON’T LET THEM IN!” out quick enough. They had already made it inside and all that could be heard were 8 huge paws heading to living room. As soon as our counselor saw those two black heads round the corner she started screaming and jumped on the dang couch in her heels and dry clean only dress! It was a sight to behold and thankfully we got the dogs out quickly! She gulped air and apologized profusely saying she was working on her fear…which tickled me because up till that moment I had judged this woman by her profession assuming she had it all together when in reality she needed just as much, if not more, counseling than we all did! We probably do need more though….my kids laughed their hiney’s off at her expense in the kitchen, while she was still here mind you. They’re twisted.

In the end, she offered to come back next week – Haley kindly told her no and Jackson said he’d talk to her again IF she brought him a big mac and a sundae. She agreed with a smile on her face.

So she’s coming back! Bless her heart, she’s one tough cookie!

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.” ~ Job 8:21

One thought on “I’ll see you your counselor and raise you a burger….

  1. Oh my gosh! LOVE IT! Maybe Haley will open up a little next time….and maybe the counselor will wear shorts and a T-shirt. Jackson should have bargained for her to pet the dogs if she wanted to come back…..


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