Sharing love and smiles….Chemo Care Pouches

I love the month of May. It’s the month when all of the earth’s life is awakening from its winter sleeps. When everything that had withered away is being reborn with beautiful vibrant colors. It’s the month for new life and it’s also the dedicated month for brain cancer awareness.

If you knew my momma, then you knew her heart and how she would do anything for anyone. She always put others first and when someone was down or hurting she wanted nothing more than to lift them up and put a smile on their face. So with her as my inspiration for this month I want to bring a smile to the faces that need one. To the ones who have a big mountain to climb.

Starting today through the end of May, I want to use my commissions to bring smiles to faces who are going through a difficult time by providing Chemo Care Pouches. Please help me reach my goal of 30 sponsors. When you sponsor a Chemo Care Pouch (or two), I will use my commission to fill it with special items to help chemo patients feel more comfortable during their treatments. All pouches will be donated to patients receiving treatment in Charleston, SC at MUSC. (I’ll post a photo of the filled pouches at the end of May.)

My goal is to fill THIRTY pouches! I’ve including the links to take you directly to my website to order Pink or Navy Chemo Care Pouch. They are $29 each + shipping and tax and the address to have them mailed to is Tina Smith, 111 Waring St, Summerville, SC 29483.

Pink Chemo Care Pouch        Navy Chemo Care Pouch

Or you may contact me directly to pledge your support at

Pouches will be filled with gum, chapstick, hard candies, lotions, water bottles, sleeping masks, crossword puzzles/coloring book, pens/colored pencils. Each will also have a tag attached that will feature the name of the sponsor and who it’s in honor of when delivered.

If you are unable to sponsor but would like to contribute, you can do so by sharing this with your family and friends.


Chemo Care


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