Four years ago I was given the numbers 4:50. They came to me in prayer, flashing red in my mind like the old digital alarm clock displays. I was desperate to find a promise from God that he was going to fix this. That He was going to make this situation right. That we would be spared.

I searched for every verse with 4:50 in my Bible to see the great promise that God was leading me to. The great one that he would show off his greatness. The one that he would use to prove that he hadn’t forgotten me. But I didn’t find a great promise or revelation with those numbers that I was so expectant to see. So I waited.

And then four years ago today it all came together. At 4:50 pm I watched my momma take her last breath. Just moments before, the heavenlies gathered in our living room to take her hand and escort her to her heavenly home. And boy did they show off. It was quite a show!

Four years feels like a lifetime. I miss my momma terribly and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. I still sometimes will pick up the phone and try to call her. The poor person who has her number now gets a lot of missed calls from me.

I see families today who have lost a loved one and didn’t get the time with them they wished for. We may have gone through hell during the three months of momma being sick but we also got to experience a side a of Heaven. I’m glad we watched and waited for Him…and He showed up and off for us!

“But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation My God will hear me.” ~ Micah 7:7


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  1. Tina, I saved your blog to read later and it got buried in a ton of emails. I unearthed it today while cleaning up my FB. What a precious message it is, too. I’m glad I did save it! I lost two brothers to accidents, my Daddy to a stroke that took him in less than 3 weeks, and my Father in law to cancer. He soldiered on until one day he couldn’t, when the pain got too bad. Pain free in Hospice for 3 days, then he was gone. You are so right. Our heavenly Father does show up in a mighty way! I didn’t get to experience the heavenlies the way y’all did, but I sure did feel God’s love and comforting peace. Without that I’d still be balled up on the floor. BTW, I LOVE your word heavenlies. I get such a feeling of warmth and joy just picturing them!
    Much love to you, Sistahchick. I pray your memories far outshine your pain of missing your Mama. You and your Daddy keep doing lunch. I love that y’all do that and that you enjoy each other so much. Love, love that!



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